In a feverish sleep, I dreamt that I kept trying to tell people something and no words would come out. I kept mouthing the words, where there was no sound. This inability to talk was also linked to some form of limited mobility in the dream. And then, for brief periods, I would be able to talk and move ably. Without warning, I was again screaming prescient information, with no one listening. I had something to communicate and no means to get the information across to the people closest to me. In the dream, I was confused. I wondered whether I had suffered a stroke. Or perhaps, this is the life of children: things to say and no one taking them terribly seriously. It was flu-induced, of course. It was a very vivid dream, and seemed to go on for a long period of time, with many cycles. When I was startled awake by a crying child, it was all still crystal clear in my mind. After dealing with the crisis at hand, I lay back down trying to again reclaim slumber, wondering at how not dissimilar the feeling in the dream had been, from the lived reality of trying to speak about climate justice and the need for immediate energy transition.

(Image: Lamp.)