Today, I worked with an amazing Indigenous colleague and other fantastic feminist community collaborators to lead a new group through a blanket exercise. These women and I, have not had time to talk through what decolonization has to do with energy transition or feminist climate justice.

However, it is clear to me, and I hope to them if not already then very soon, how an understanding of our treaty relationships, as well as our connection to treaty lands, as treaty people, is central to our ability to move through this moment of indeterminacy: precarity created not only by the neoliberal realities of life in the twentieth century, but by the climate change that it has triggered and which makes any future uncertain.

I look forward to working with this group over the next number of months, to deepen our individual and collective thinking to unsettle our relationships to one another, to these territories, and to the multiple species that inhabit these lands alongside us.

(Image: Blanket on leaves, sourced from