“Just Powers” is the new title of a collaborative research project — a banner title aiming to encompass all the various projects ongoing under its banner. The subtitle is “Feminist Energy Futures.”

Just Powers: Feminist Energy Futures

Does it have a nice ring to it?

“Just powers” is a play on the idea of just energy — which happens to be the name of our local energy community — and  beyond climate justice, a just energy transition. All these terms however, already claimed by one mobilizing sector of the population or another.

But “just powers” also refers to the fact that the government derives its powers from the people

“Just powers” also refers to the idea that women’s feminist knowledge might also be recognized once again as valuable knowledge. It suggests there could be a recalibration of power dynamics away from the patriarchal misogyny inherent to capitalism and its colonization of land, bodies and thought.

Just power. Just powers. Playfully alluding to energy systems, political systems, gendered hierarchies and their recalibration. Artfully woven together in ways that provide a possibility for change at so many levels, if we are willing to engage with the ideas and concepts of just power(s).

And “Feminist Energy Futures” is not only the title of the original SSHRC grant that brought in the money, but it speaks to the feminist futures we are aiming toward in the ways we organize and rally around energy transition at this historical moment.

I hope it works. We’ll be carrying this banner name for the next seven years. … unless we rebrand. Isn’t that such an interesting idea? That research projects are a brand? How neoliberal of us, as we aim to disrupt those very systems that would even lead us to believe a research brand is necessary. Oh, the ironies of oil fuelled capitalism that drive our current social lives.

(Image source: https://thedailyblog.co.nz/2014/12/22/power-companies-drop-solar-buy-back-rates-but-equitys-a-low-priority/#!prettyPhoto)