Headlines in the US –our closest and most influential neighbour — include the following the following: “Trump Unveils National Security Strategy, Ignoring Climate Change Threat. ” Democracy Now writes:

President Trump outlined his blueprint for national security Monday in a speech trumpeting U.S. military might—but failing the mention the threat posed by climate change. Trump’s national security strategy calls for the U.S. to respond with nuclear weapons to non-nuclear attacks; Trump said he was seeking to put “America first” by expanding the U.S. military to counter the growing power of Russia and China.(1)

In Trump’s world, major environmental disasters are ignored (Puerto Rico), just as the cause (Climate Change). While he has is eye on the wrong ball, we might all be better placed to increase our focus on what does matter, instead of always watching him and the latest spectacle that he and his charlatans conjure. There is opportunity in failing to reproduce Trump’s nonsense, if only we can look away long enough to organize otherwise.

(Image: Democracy Now Headlines for Dec 19, 2017: https://www.democracynow.org/2017/12/19/headlines)