Happy 2019? What will 2019 bring? Today in Alberta–a province where people drive huge pickup trucks with logos like the above proudly plastered all over them–the restrictions on oil production imposed by the Notley government go into effect. In the spring, provincial election is on the horizon. What will the outcomes be? Of the production cap? Of the election? As things heat up on the election front, so too does the planet. There is no abatement. So, perhaps we should all cool our heels a little. Stop living so fast and furious, striving to keep up in the rat race of live. Step off the beaten path–because path dependency is part of the problem. Take a pause and think beyond the mortgage payments, or the quarterly and annual reports, or the four-year electoral cycle, or whatever it is that motivates our short term decisions. Instead, we might want to think bigger–beyond the now. Living in the now! Be present. In the moment! Aren’t these interesting mottos for an age when life as we know it, is disappearing. It may not be the end of the world — but it is, like the song tells us, “the end of the world . . . as we know it.” So, perhaps we need to stop living in the present and in the now and think forward a generation or two. Happy 2019? Perhaps we should clink our glasses instead to making more thoughtful decisions, and to acting rather than reacting in 2019–so that other futures are possible. Prost to a happy 2100, I say!