Just futures. Today, I spent the day interviewing members of theĀ Feminist Energy Futures: Powershift and Environmental Social Justice team.

When I asked them about what they think the future will be like, it seems we share varying degrees of optimism and pessimism about where we are headed. When I asked them what they want the future to look like and where we should be going, there was virtual consensus. Every person, answered that they thought the future should be reoriented in more socially just ways; toward gender, class and racial equity. Now, it must be said that we are a team more attuned to those values than a random sampling of the general population. We tend to be motivated by forces other than profit and the accumulation of capital. But I thought that it was quite interesting to note the dramatic difference between where we think we are headed and where we want to be headed. And, it is positive to think that a significant number of people who will be working together over the next 6 years can easily agree about what direction we want to take together.

What should we be focused on? Community, they say. The common good.

Where should we be headed? I ask. Just futures.

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