December 6, 2017: Remembering Montreal

Deep Energy Literacy is grounded in ecofeminism and deep ecology — projects that at times seem at odds, but for me, resonate in important ways. Ecofeminism brings together a range of theories and practices, from feminist theory, feminist political struggle,…

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November 28, 2017: Feminist Energy Futures

Just futures. Today, I spent the day interviewing members of the Feminist Energy Futures: Powershift and Environmental Social Justice team. When I asked them about what they think the future will be like, it seems we share varying degrees of optimism…

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November 26, 2017: Turning to Solar in a Time of Crisis

Last week, I played The Newtonian Shift. It is a game that simulates 25 years of energy transition as part of a 6 hour simulation game. In the energy transition, which plays out differently each time, depending on who is…

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November 25, 2017: The Cult of Presentism

This week, I’ve been reflecting on another of the ironies of the current moment. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what the future could look like, if we organize now for other types of social life in…

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November 22, 2017: Tech for Whom?

So much amazing tech already exists out there. Energy transition is possible. But tech cannot save us if we don’t implement it. Who has energy has power. Who owns the tech? Who can afford to purchase the tech and or…

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November 4, 2017: Good Night Sweetheart

“Good night sweetheart , well it’s time to go. Doh doh doh doh. I hate to leave you but I really must say, good night sweetheart, good night“. That was the song playing in my head as I struggled to…

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