Deep Energy Literacy is grounded in ecofeminism and deep ecology — projects that at times seem at odds, but for me, resonate in important ways. Ecofeminism brings together a range of theories and practices, from feminist theory, feminist political struggle, environmentalism and social justice movements for equity and diversity. Deep ecology is a theory that values life, regardless of our human potential for productivity (labour value), and that reimagines ways of living together in relationship with one another, other species and our environments.

I think about this today, through a specific lens. It is December 6th 2017 — 28 years after the Montreal Massacre of December 6th, 1989 when 14 young women engineering students were killed. (You can read more about this in the article that provided me the image above:

Yesterday, I spent the morning going from one engineering lab to another–not my typical stomping grounds–talking with scientists and engineers about the contributions they are making to alternative energy technologies and to decarbonizing the environments. One of them was a woman doing amazing work in solar energy technology. As one day follows another, I wonder to myself what those young Montreal women, killed by misogyny, would be doing to contribute if they were here today. And, I wonder about a future where women’s knowledge and more feminist knowledges are permitted.

(Photo Credit: “The Montreal Massacre reminds us that male entitlement comes in many forms, and is always dangerous.” Dec 5, 2017.