Vivian Krause. For the past week, every media program on that even tangentially references energy issues in Alberta is invoking her name. She is making headlines yet again with her claims that “the campaign against Alberta oil is more about American economic interests than protecting the environment” and then in a double-speak that allows her to appear conciliatory, she adds “I’m sure the reason they are doing it is because of the environment and because of climate-related problems, but the trouble is it’s not helping the environment because the oil, if it doesn’t come from Alberta, it’s just coming from some other country” (Kornik). This rhetorical strategy both discounts the fact that thousands of Canadians have registered their discontent with the status quo by marching against a number of proposed pipelines, and it implies that in a game of chicken, Canada and Canadians are not going to yield first. Furthermore, it suggests that anti-oil protestors are naïve and unrealistic. The spokesperson may be a woman but the words perpetuate a macho narrative oft-associated with the oil industry, one that encourages the profit of some at the expense of us all. Women’s voices are not always feminist voices. I’m for feminist futures, where the best indicator of the health of the whole community is the wellbeing of its most vulnerable members.