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January 3, 2019

I remember a time, not too long ago, perhaps only a couple of years really, when fun-loving if slightly condescending colleagues would call me a tree-hugging feminist and blatantly declare that my views were radical. It was frustrating, but then,…

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Image Courtesy of Prairie Climate Centre:

January 2, 2019

Today in Edmonton, it was +8 degrees. “Edmonton’s coldest Jan. 2 was in 1950, when the temperature was recorded at -41 degrees [celsius]. The average high and low the date is -6 and -14 degrees, respectively. [sic]” It can be…

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Jan 1 2019

Happy 2019? What will 2019 bring? Today in Alberta–a province where people drive huge pickup trucks with logos like the above proudly plastered all over them–the restrictions on oil production imposed by the Notley government go into effect. In the…

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Dec 4, 2018: Again & Trudeau’s Indigenous Rights Framework Protest

I spent the day talking about energy transition: largely what women are doing about it and how Indigenous sovereignty plays into it. I’ll just say it again: feminist and decolonized futures are better futures for us all. For more information…

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Nov 27, 2018: Feminist Leadership

“What is feminist leadership?”, a member of my team asked me today in an interview setting. Two hours later, I would invoke a similar question when interviewing a feminist political organizer. Our work has taken place in different spheres: mine…

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Nov 26, 2018: iDoc as Feminist Communication Method

Documenting and documentary as feminist method and praxis: I think a lot about how iDoc is mobilizing a feminist communication method. The process of documentation that we are engaged in is methodologically and theoretically informed but it is in certain…

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Nov 22, 2018: Implementing Change

Today, I had the pleasure of interviewing Dr. Nicholas Ashbolt from the School of Public Health here at the University of Alberta. He does fascinating work on the ways we might change our practices, policies and infrastructures to redirect black…

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Nov 21, 2018: Profit & Poverty

Today, as Public Interest Alberta called for a poverty reduction strategy, given that “one in six children are living in poverty in Alberta”, I spent the day today thinking together about sustainable research and sustainable futures with colleagues and student…

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Nov 20, 2018: Women’s Voices ≠ Feminist Voices

Vivian Krause. For the past week, every media program on that even tangentially references energy issues in Alberta is invoking her name. She is making headlines yet again with her claims that “the campaign against Alberta oil is more about…

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Nov 19th, 2018: VISCOSITY

Last week, I attended VISCOSITY, created and directed by Heather Inglis, playing at Backstage Theatre @ Fringe Theatre Adventures (10330 84 Avenue) from November 7 to 17, 2018. Described as “part exhibition, part journalism and part performance, VISCOSITY brings to life the stories of…

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Nov 18, 2018: Feminist Futures

Feminist Futures I talk a lot about feminist energy futures. And, as I’ve written about, feminism for me (while perhaps contentious) is intersectional and includes decolonized, anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, anti-anthropogenic visions for the future. There need not be only one. There…

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Nov 17, 2018: Action a Day

Since I’m starting up my action a day again, I thought I’d check out the “action” program that the City of Edmonton runs. Click here to see what you can do to participate in the Change for Climate movement:  Let’s…

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