January 3, 2019: Designing (Policy) for the Future

I remember a time, not too long ago, perhaps only a couple of years really, when fun-loving if slightly condescending colleagues would call me a tree-hugging feminist and blatantly declare that my views were radical. It was frustrating, but then,…

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Nov 26, 2018: iDoc as Feminist Communication Method

Documenting and documentary as feminist method and praxis: I think a lot about how iDoc is mobilizing a feminist communication method. The process of documentation that we are engaged in is methodologically and theoretically informed but it is in certain…

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Nov 18, 2018: Feminist Futures

Feminist Futures I talk a lot about feminist energy futures. And, as I’ve written about, feminism for me (while perhaps contentious) is intersectional and includes decolonized, anti-capitalist, anti-patriarchal, anti-anthropogenic visions for the future. There need not be only one. There…

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Nov 15, 2018: A New Beginning

I’m back. Last year on November 1, 2017 I started an action-a-day durational practice. It lasted for almost two month.  This November (2018), I’m beginning again: this time, adding another month to this durational practice. So, you’ll be able to catch me…

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December 4, 2017: Non-Violence

I’ve been thinking a lot about non-violence of late. I’ve been thinking of Gandhi, inspired by a whole history of women and feminists, who took up the mantle of non-violence. I love this quote in a much longer article by…

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December 3, 2017: Ancestral Care & Memory

Today, we came together as a family to celebrate my parents’ 45 years of marriage. The actual anniversary was yesterday, but today we found time to get together. I think of the care work and love it takes to maintain…

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November 25, 2017: The Cult of Presentism

This week, I’ve been reflecting on another of the ironies of the current moment. I’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what the future could look like, if we organize now for other types of social life in…

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November 13, 2017: Women and the Car

In yesterday’s post, I talked tangentially about auto-mobility. It got me to thinking about the role that the automobile has played in Western women’s lives, and the role it continues to play. If you Google ‘women and cars’ you get…

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November 8, 2017: Dehli Smog

Today, November 8th 2017, the air quality in Delhi has been declared a public health emergency. Here in Canada, while I breathe effortless regardless the air quality alerts, my cute cute loving little boys are often gasping for air: on summer…

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