Wind, Solar, Geothermal, Biofuels: These are most likely the future of energy in Alberta. It is where most of the institutions seem to be investing in research and development. Elsewhere they will invest in water — which isn’t appropriate to the geographies of Alberta. It is interesting that these ‘new’ or ‘alternative’ forms of energy are not new at all. The windmill. The watermill. These all have long histories that we’ve now just forgotten. Finding new ways to live sustainably, in some cases, is about remembering the age before oil fuelled everything, and improving on that. The technologies, like the social changes, that we need to adapt in order to live more sustainably and address climate change are really quite simple. But, it is a matter of wrapping our heads around what this means and what these ‘new’ versions of old technologies will look like and how these less energy intensive technologies will shape newly powered-down lives. By remembering where we’ve come from, it seems there are ways to reimagine the future. Maybe it isn’t that hard after all. Or is it?

(Image: Picture of desk with a photo of solar panel installation above.)